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What's New

NJ SHARES' Celebrates 15 Years

NJ SHARES celebrates our 15th Anniversary with a program that will be shared around the state honoring our partners for the victories we have achieved.  Together we have helped more than 177,500 households with $70.7 million in energy assistance and expanded assistance to include telephone and water programs.  All the NJ SHARES’ programs are recognized as a national benchmark by the National Fuel Fund Network and National Low Income Energy Consortium.

The program will be brought around the state and will aim to celebrate the NJ SHARES history through the eyes of founders, donors, and beneficiaries.

15th Anniversary Video Released

See how your donation to NJ SHARES helps your neighbors in need.  NJ SHARES debuts a 15th Anniversary Video, featuring Barbara, an NJ SHARES recipient who has struggled without utility service while working as a hospice nurse and raising two boys. Barbara is a wonderful example of the thousands of households we've been able to help with our programs.  The short film visually celebrates 15 years of providing solutions to folks who had no other place to turn in their time of need.




Your Warm Heart Can Heat a Home - Help Us Reach Our Goal

Each year, NJ SHARES relies on the generosity of our neighbors and friends. NJ SHARES donors and corporate sponsors donated more than $475,000 to NJ SHARES' programs this year. Our goal is to reach $500,000 by the end of the year.  For more information on how you can help NJ SHARES reach this goal, please visit our website.  Be a hero in your neighborhood, donate today.  For more information visit:

NJ SHARES Joins #GivingTuesday

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Now #GivingTuesday!

Give Thanks by Giving Back - #GivingTuesday is a national movement that encourages community giving around the holiday season. You can give to NJ SHARES on #GivingTuesday to help your neighbors in need stay warm in their homes this winter. What will you give?

Shop Amazon? Designate 5% of your purchases to NJ SHARES.

The holidays are quickly approaching, please choose NJ SHARES as your designated charity when you are shopping online.  We recently became a part of the Amazon Smile program. Through this program, every time Amazon account holders place an order, Amazon will donate 5 percent of eligible purchase to NJ SHARES. Give a little something back this holiday season – click the link below to make a difference today.

Come See Us at the Anti-Poverty Network Summit December 3rd

The Anti-Poverty Network will host its annual Poverty Summit on December 3, 2013 at the Crown Plaza Monroe (390 Forsgate Dr, Monroe Township).  The Summit is a call to action to invest in the people of New Jersey. You can expect to learn new statistics about how New Jersey is doing combating poverty. Click here to Register.

President's Message

NJ SHARES marks 15 years since giving our first grant in November 1998.  As we enter this season of reflection, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our donor heroes. Through the generosity of our donors, partner agencies and supporters, we can celebrate the true impact made for 177,500 households over the past 15 years.

Anyone can face a financial crisis and it is important to note that most NJ SHARES grant recipients are provided to the working poor, those facing a temporary setback and those with vulnerable household members. A recent impact evaluation of our energy program indicates that 52 percent of those who received assistance last year had a child under age 18 and nearly 20 percent had a household member over 60 years old.

The report also tells us that our clients are working and still struggling with employment and under-employment issues as the reason they need our help. Of our 2012 grant recipients 80 percent had employment income, 11 percent reported receipt of unemployment compensation and 9 percent reported unemployment as reason for grant application. 

The good news is our clients continue to work hard to meet their payment responsibilities after receiving help from us.  We are pleased to report that most are successful in meeting this obligation and in the year following receipt of their grant, recipients paid an average of 85 percent of their current bills.  In fact, 39 percent paid 90 percent or more than they were asked to pay.  The second year after receiving a grant, recipients were even more successful in paying their bills, paying an average of 99 percent of their current bills with 46 percent paying 100 percent of the money they owed. 

You make this impact possible!  As we work together to help our neighbors who are facing difficult circumstances, we are grateful for your continued support.  

Sincere thanks to our donors and corporate sponsors who have already donated more than $475,000 to NJ SHARES programs this year as part of our capital campaign.  Our goal is to raise $500,000 by the end of the year.  Help us reach this goal by donating to NJ SHARES today. Find out more by visiting:

Agency Spotlight

Saint Vincent de Paul Society

NJ SHARES is fortunate to partner with more than 270 agencies around the state. Each organization has a different mission and focus but all provide holistic solutions to their community. This month we highlight the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

NJ SHARES has partnered with the St. Vincent de Paul Society of the Diocese of Trenton since 2004. This partnership has grown to offer NJ SHARES programs through volunteers associated with 24 parishes who make home visits to folks who need assistance in Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Michael Hogan , Treasurer of the Holy Eucharist Chapter of the St. Vincent De Paul Society in Tabernacle, says, ‘I’ve seen firsthand the difference NJ SHARES programs make for families who are working hard and through no fault of their own are struggling for a hand up. Partnering with the agencies that are on the ground in the communities enables NJ SHARES and St Vincent de Paul Society to do good work together’.  Mr. Hogan currently serves on the NJ SHARES’ agency advisory coucil.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a community of lay Catholics whose mission is to assist the poor and needy through prayer and action. Assistance is provided on a short-term basis as our goal is to return the family members to self-sufficiency and full participation in the community.

The society provides help with food, clothing, and furniture. It also can provide assistance with bills such as rent, heat, utilities and prescription medications, as well as providing referrals for counseling to community, state, federal and religious organizations and agencies. Funds are provided through Poor Box donations, selling supermarket certificates and through separate gifts. The society sponsors special food and gift programs for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter which are supported by the generous contributions of their parishioners.

In the Trenton Diocese, the first St. Vincent de Paul conference was formed in 1859 in St. John the Baptist Parish, Trenton, which is now Sacred Heart Parish, Trenton.

Throughout the world, there are 700,000 men and women serving in St. Vincent de Paul Societies in 144 countries. In the Trenton Diocese, there are currently 50 conferences with some 1,181 members who share in the St. Vincent de Paul Society ministry of serving the poor and needy. In 2012, the Vincentians provided 129,205 service hours; made 3,782 home visits; 1,266 hospital visits and served some 66,607 people. Click here to volunteer or learn more about the St. Vincent de Paul Society.


Pictured: NJ SHARES’ Dena Shipley, NJNG’s Bill Bradshaw and Raquel Phillips and NJ Clean Energy Programs’ Danielle Heise

NJ SHARES Joins Community in Celebrating the Grand Opening of the Visitation Relief Center

On the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, the Monmouth and Ocean County communities came together to celebrate the grand opening of the Visitation Relief Center. The relief center, located at 725 Mantoloking Rd in Brick, offers a one-stop recovery and relief experience to individuals and families affected by Superstorm Sandy. The center will facilitate families to recovery and help them rebuild by improving the process of receiving assistance and increasing access to supplies.

NJ SHARES joined other supporters including Catholic Charities, Save Barnegat Bay, Society of Saint Vincent DePaul USA, New Jersey Hope and Healing, Habitat for Humanity, Operation Hope, Portlight Strategies, The Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, The Home Depot, New Jersey Natural Gas Company, Township of Brick, Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group and Robin Hood.

PSEG Hosts Energy Conferences

This month, NJ SHARES presented information on the energy, telephone and water programs available for eligible clients throughout New Jersey at three regional energy assistance conferences hosted by PSE&G. The conferences were held throughout PSE&G’s service territory in Burlington, Middlesex and Passaic Counties. The conference included information on additional programs such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Universal Service Program and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Pictured: Dena Shipley and Paul Ann Pierson.

Disabilities Awareness Day held in Cape May County

The Fifth Annual Cape May County Disabilities Awareness Day was held on November 16, 2013  at the Avalon Elementary School.  This countywide event is focused on the interests and needs of individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers and friends. Dena Shipley joined the Cape May community event to share information on NJ SHARES programs and other resources that can help individuals and families who are in need.

Pictured: Birthday Girl Dina Mercier with the Stage Houses’ Chris Gkahopoylos.

NJ SHARES Benefits from November Dine-Out-to-Donate Events

On November 6th, PJ Whelihan’s hosted a Dine-Out-to-Donate event in Haddon Twp.,  and on November 13, the Stage House Tavern hosted an event in Scotch Plains.  Proceeds from both events will benefit  NJ SHARES and our quest to help residents in need of assistance with their utility bills. A HUGE Thank You to our supporters who came out to the restaurants and the staff, servers and bartenders for their help in making these events successful.

Dena Shipley, Outreach Coordinator for NJ SHARES.

Veteran’s Resource Fair Includes NJ SHARES Programs

NJ SHARES attended the Veteran's specific resource and homeless prevention fair to provide education on resources for Veterans. The event, held on November 14th at the Navy Air Station Museum in Cape May County, hosted representatives from local hospitals, the Veterans Association and community organizations to provide information regarding: home care, health and mental health information, homeless prevention assistance, legal resources and other assistance programs.

From our Neighborhood to yours, We Wish You a Warm and Wonderful Holiday Season!

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