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NJ SHARES 2014 Annual Report


NJ SHARES primarily provides assistance to households in need of help meeting their utility burden. Through assistance, advocacy, community outreach, education, information and referral, we connect low and moderate income households with available resources.

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NJ SHARES’ recipients were likely to have vulnerable household members.

  • 54% of NJ SHARES’ recipients had a child 18 or younger in the home.
  • 55% of NJ SHARES’ recipients had a household member over 50 years old.

Most of NJ SHARES’ grant recipients were the working poor.

  • 84% of NJ SHARES’ recipients had employment income.
  • 62% of NJ SHARES’ recipients had income between 200% and 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

NJ SHARES served those hit by recession.

  • 10% of NJ SHARES’ recipients reported receipt of unemployment compensation.
  • 9% of NJ SHARES’ recipients reported unemployment as the reason for grant application.

NJ SHARES requires that customers make a good faith payment. A good faith payment
is $100 or more toward the utility balance in the 90 days prior to grant receipt.

  • 73% made payments over $100 or more in the 90 days prior to grant receipt.
  • The average payment was $326.

NJ SHARES’ grant impact - Despite the large payment responsibility recipients faced after receiving their grants, many were successful in meeting their bill obligations. In the year following grant receipt:

  • 83% is the average amount recipients were able to pay of their current bill.
  • 39% of recipients paid 90% or more of what they were asked to pay.

Tax deductible donations to NJ SHARES may be made online by clicking here.

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